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Our Obligation Free Meeting

We offer and invite all our prospective clients for an obligation free initial meeting. We name it as the 'Health Check and Goal Establishment meeting' for your finance and business. The meeting is sub-divided in three segments:

SEGMENT ONE: This is our fact finder meeting where you speak and we take notes. This is our opportunity to understand your business. So we listen to where you are, now.

SEGMENT TWO: This is where we ask you about your goals and objectives. What would you like to achieve in five years' time. What are the things important to you? Tell us, where you would like to see you and your business in short, medium and long term.

SEGMENT THREE: This is where we do brainstorming with you to arrive with strategies on how you may bridge the gap between where you are now and where would you like to be.

There is no time limit for our first meeting. You take as long as you need from us, in our first obligation free meeting.

At the end of the meeting, we provide you a fixed fee (where practical) for the compliance and consulting services that we may be engaged to. We encourage you to take your time to absorb all information and then make a decision. If you see value in our service, we agree with you in writing. However, if you do not see any value, we respect your decision.